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Course Category: Cultural Diversity

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The authors of this literature review describe the evidence in favor of increased behavioral health problems amongst members of the LGBTQ+ community. Through a directed literature review, the authors describe...  Read More
Reading-Based Online
This course’s article is a review of the applications of ethical principles to behavioral health treatment with LGBTQ+ clients. Case studies of presenting issues of each client and relevant ethical...  Read More
Reading-Based Online
This document outlines the guidelines of the American Psychological Association for working with transgender or gender non-conforming people, including the rationale and practice applications for each guideline. This course is...  Read More
Reading-Based Online
This presentation will introduce participants to the ADDRESSING Model and explore how this model, developed by Pamela Hays can enhance cultural competence in clinical practice. Participants will have an opportunity...  Read More
Recorded Webinar
This course examines the risk of alcohol problems and consequences among Hispanic and African American men. It discusses, disparities, socioeconomic status, and discrimination as they pertain to alcohol use. It...  Read More
Reading-Based Online
This course examines whether there are disparities in mutual help participation for substance use problems, including alcohol, among African American, Hispanic, Native American based on race/ethnicity while seeking self-help. It...  Read More
Reading-Based Online
This course provides a carefully description and analysis of cultural factors in therapy. The central issue is that psychotherapy was developed primarily within a European/American cultural context, but now many...  Read More

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