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Who We Are at Addiction Counselor CE

Our Values

We seek a mutually caring and respectful relationship with those who purchase courses, help develop courses, and partner with us. Although profit is necessary in order to continue to provide services, we value people and relationships ahead of today’s profits. We are keenly aware that we must earn a relationship of trust through integrity and a commitment to provide exceptional value that help those we work with to help others.

Our Mission

Helping professionals is the cornerstone of our mission. We help by providing a great selection of quality, relevant and affordable continuing education experiences along with exceptional service for practitioners. We seek to inspire the best…so that as professionals grow more in their knowledge and skills, they can do more for others.

About Us

Dr. Keith Gibson, licensed psychologist from Wisconsin, founded in 2000. Following the success of that, Addiction Counselor CE was launched in 2008 to focus on the needs of addiction professionals. Underlying our offering of continuing education courses is a commitment to our values and mission from an exceptional team of professionals. Our team are committed to “Helping Professionals Help Others.”

Our advisory team is comprised of professionals with experience and expertise in each discipline we serve. Each advisory team member plays a role in the planning process and decision-making. They help review course selections, exam questions, and in some instances they are active in developing courses. The advisor monitors selection of course materials to help assure it is free from biasing factors, such as affiliations, sponsorships, and/or financial support from outside organizations.

Our Core Team

Tyler Gibson

, COO Headshot: Tyler Gibson

Max Schwanekamp

, CTO Headshot: Max Schwanekamp

Keith Gibson, PhD

, Founder & Advisor Headshot: Keith Gibson, PhD

Ryan Gibson

, Marketing Manager Headshot: Ryan Gibson

Sandi Cardaman, LPC

, CE Coordinator Headshot: Sandi Cardaman

Jera Schwanekamp

, Quality Assurance & Customer Support
Headshot: Jera Schwanekamp

Oona Schwanekamp

, Customer Support & Marketing
Headshot: Oona Schwanekamp

Our Advisory Team

Jenna Ackerman, FNP-C

, Nursing Headshot: Jenna Ackerman, FNP-C

Traci DeMattia-Toth, LICDC, SAP

, Addictions Headshot: Traci DeMattia-Toth, LICDC, SAP

Abby Farinde, PharmD, LPC, LCDC

, Pharmacology & Addictions
Headshot: Abby Farinde, PharmD, LPC, LCDC

Anna Hollis, PhD

, Psychology Headshot: Anna Hollis, PhD

Casadi Marino, PhD

, Social Work & Addictions Headshot: Casadi Marino, PhD

Elizabeth Mosco, PhD

, Psychology Headshot: Elizabeth Mosco, PhD

D. Michael Smith, PhD, MSW

, Social Work Headshot: D. Michael Smith, PhD, MSW

Danny Wamsley, LCAS-A, NADD-C

, Addictions
Headshot: Danny Wamsley, LCAS-A, NADD-C
and there's always room for more!
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