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Courses meeting California Requirement: Clinical Supervision

  • California Association for Alcohol/Drug Educators
  • Provider
    • CAADE CP40 739 H 0223
  • 40 CE Credit hours required every 2 years — All 40 may be earned with Addiction Counselor CE.
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This book is written both for supervisors and for supervisees in the human service and helping professions. The author uses his experience as a social worker and social work manager...  Read More
This course is a guide for administrators tasked with developing a clinical supervision program for substance abuse counselors. It includes: benefits and rationale, key issues for administrators in clinical supervision,...  Read More
Reading-Based Online
This course examines clinical supervision in detail. It includes: Central Principles of Clinical Supervision, Guidelines for New Supervisors, Models of Clinical Supervision, Developmental Stages of Counselors, Developmental Stages of Supervisors,...  Read More
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Although clinical supervision is important for clinical education and clinical implementation in services, little empirical attention has been given to the effectiveness of supervision on improvement of client outcomes. This...  Read More
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In reviewing research on the effectiveness of behavioral therapy on treatment outcomes, research has shown that attendance at therapy sessions tends to resolve psychological complaints more so than total absence...  Read More
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According to the authors, research has shown that workplace-based clinician supervision has become a “nearly ubiquitous infrastructure support.” This is a quantitative study addressing the current status of amounts of...  Read More
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This TIP explores the aspects of clinical supervision and continuing education in substance abuse counseling. It includes: definitions of clinical supervision, unique issues in supervision for substance abuse counselors, current...  Read More
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This course focuses on treatment and clinical supervision. It covers: adjustments to make treatment appropriate, the stages of treatment, the condition of clients in each stage and leadership in each...  Read More
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