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Approval in California

  • Provider
    • Breining CEP1102070826-CLS-HS
  • 40 CE credit hours required every 2 years — 40 may be earned with Addiction Counselor CE.
Breining has special CE requirements. Those requirements are listed below.

Applies To:

  • California Addiction Counselors

CE Learning Systems dba is approved by the Breining Institute to offer continuing education for:

* Registered Addiction Specialist (RAS) * Registered Addiction Specialist Level II (RAS II) * Masters Level – Registered Addiction Specialist (M-RAS) * Clinical Supervisor Credential (CSC) * Master Counselor in Addictions (MCA)

RAS, RASII, M-RAS certification requirements include:

10 credit hours in Ethics
3 hours in communicable diseases
3 hours prevention of sexual harassment

Understanding Addiction (6 hours required) – includes understanding theories of addiction, recognizing social and cultural factors within which addiction exists, behavioral and physical effects of psychoactive substances, and recognition of potential for substance abuse disorders to co-exist with other medical and psychological disorders.

Treatment Knowledge (6 hours required, including 3 hours in Communicable Diseases) – includes philosophies and practices of generally accepted models of treatment, recovery, relapse prevention and continuing care for addiction, the importance of family and community systems in the treatment and recovery process, recognizing the importance of ongoing study in clinical practice, and understanding of multidisciplinary, non-traditional or various approaches to addiction treatment.
Communicable Diseases includes tuberculosis, HIV disease and Hepatitis C.

Application to Practice (6 hours required, including 3 hours in Special Populations) – includes understanding diagnostic criteria for addiction treatment and placement, providing the appropriate treatment in consideration of a client’s personal and cultural background situation, and familiarity with the acceptable range of medical and pharmacological resources available for treatment.
Special Populations includes aging individuals; individuals with co-occurring disorders (e.g. alcoholism and mental illness); individuals with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD); individuals with disabilities; diverse populations; individuals with cultural differences; individuals on probation / parole, etc.

Professional Readiness (6 hours required) – includes personal and professional growth; understanding supervision in the delivery of client services; professional obligations to adhere to ethical standards; understanding of and participation in prevention as well as treatment programs; and understanding of procedures for handling crises or dangerous situations.

CSC Requirements Include:
6 credit hours in Clinical Supervision
10 credit hours in Ethics
3 hours in communicable diseases
3 hours prevention of sexual harassment

MCA Requirements Include:
10 credit hours in Ethics
3 hours in communicable diseases
3 hours prevention of sexual harassment

(Courses that meet the requirements for RAS, RASII, M-RAS, CSC, and MCA can be found below under “Special Requirements”)

Board Contact Info

Breining Institute
8894 Greenback Lane
Orangevale, California USA 95662
General Line: 916.987.2007
Certification Department: 916.987.2007, Ext. 1
College / Continuing Education: 916.987.2007, Ext. 2

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