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Course Category: HIV and STDs

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This course examines the treatment and treatment of HIV in people with substance use and/or mental disorders. It includes: Overview of current approaches and challenges to preventing and treating HIV...  Read More
Reading-Based Online
This course examine using motivational interviewing in couples therapy as a way to enhance HIV prevention in gay and bisexual men. MI has been successful in drug treatment. It includes:...  Read More
Reading-Based Online
This course discusses HIV and substance abusing in the aging population. Other comorbidities examined are alcohol and smoking tobacco. The first article includes: the prevalence of substance use among older...  Read More
Reading-Based Online
This course addresses challenges facing a rural opioid epidemic for the treatment and prevention of HIV and Hepatitis C. This course includes: current epidemiological trends in HIV and HCV among...  Read More
Reading-Based Online
This article is a systematic review and meta-analysis that investigated the effectiveness of different psychosocial interventions for people living with HIV (PLWH) and mental health problems. Additionally, characteristics that may...  Read More
Reading-Based Online
This article discusses the tremendous biomedical advancements in HIV prevention and treatment that have led to efforts to end the HIV epidemic. It goes on to recognize that the significant...  Read More
Reading-Based Online

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