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Articles by Author: Abimbola Farinde

Abimbola Farinde

Dr. Farinde is a professor at Columbia State University and has published multiple articles about psychopharmacotherapy. Dr. Farinde has worked as a clinical specialist for the Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center in Fort Hood. As a devoted clinical pharmacy specialist and addictions counselor who excels in all clinical environments, she has worked with active duty soldiers with dual diagnoses of a traumatic brain injury and a psychiatric disorder providing medication therapy management and disease state management. Dr. Farinde has also worked with mentally impaired and developmentally disabled individuals at a state supported living center. The breadth of her clinical practice allows her to bring a unique perspective to her educational material. In 2021, Dr. Farinde was awarded the Davida Coady Gorham Medical Professional of the Year award. She is an adjunct mentor with California Southern University.

Articles written by Dr. Farinde

For many counselors who are engaged in clinical practice, there can be moments when a new concept, practice, or therapeutic intervention is introduced that requires comprehension in order to be successfully applied to clients. Regardless of how the i... Read More
What is a Substance Use Disorder?In the United States there is a growing prevalence of substance use disorder (SUD) diagnoses among the general population. However, it is has been identified that there are certain populations that might be predispose... Read More
What are Opioids?In the United States the rise and increase incidence of the opioid crisis has brought this issue to the mainstream media and various communities across the nation. Opioids are considered to be a class of drugs or agents that include... Read More
While anger is a normal human emotion, it can become problematic when it starts to cause impairment or disturbances in the life of a person and those around them. Anger is defined as a negative state of emotion that can be associated with physiologic... Read More
On any given day, a counselor faces a myriad of clinical practice experiences that can elicit strong emotions not only from their clients but on a personal level as well. Emotions are considered to be responses that help prepare the human mind, body,... Read More
At one point or another in life a person can feel sad or overwhelmed by the demands of daily life. However, when the feelings become continuous, are longstanding or chronic in nature, these may be considered signs of depression. Depression is defined... Read More
As a counselor with specializations in a variety of mental health disorders I have been fortunate to be given many opportunities to provide therapeutic services and achieve desired outcomes for many clients. There are moments during clinical practice... Read More

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