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Articles by Author: Elizabeth Mosco

Elizabeth Mosco, Ph.D., PMH-C, CPLC

Elizabeth Mosco, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist in Reno, NV. She opened a private practice after 10 years of conducting home-based assessment and therapy with the VA Sierra Nevada Health Care System. Dr. Mosco’s clinical interests include maternal mental health, older adults, and third wave cognitive behavioral therapies.

Articles written by Dr. Mosco

As the calendar flips into a new year, it is easy to get swept into the frenzy of resolutions and plans for earth’s next revolution around the sun. My personal new year’s plan was to run more, and perhaps to run a few longer trail races. The weather... Read More
Stress. We all experience it. We have all lent a listening ear to others experiencing it. We live in an age where everyone seems stressed much of the time. And yet, what is stress, really? How do you manage your own stress? How do you help you... Read More
Working with older adults can be very meaningful and rewarding. However, misconceptions about mental health and older adults are abundant. These misconceptions may contribute to the lack of trained geriatric mental health professionals, and in turn,... Read More
Seeking mental health care is often a struggle, and this struggle can be even more pronounced for older adults. Stigma, inaccurate beliefs about aging, as well as a variety of logistical barriers often hinder older adults from seeking and continuing... Read More
Tossing, turning, sweating, freezing, thirsty, up to the bathroom, partner snoring, child is thirsty, twitching, noises, remembering something to do tomorrow, remembering something forgotten yesterday, worry, anger, sadness… and then another day begi... Read More
When I open my phone’s newsfeed on any given day, there is no shortage of articles about how to lose weight, which foods to eat or not eat, when to eat to maximize weight loss, which workouts boost weight loss, which supplements promote weight l... Read More
Burnout and compassion fatigue are often misunderstood and underappreciated. This year’s Great Resignation is evidence that so many individuals, inside and outside of helping professions, are completely burned out. Yet is quitting the only op... Read More
Pregnancy and infant loss are often rife with silence, guilt, and shame. Each October, we shine a light on these losses, honoring the babies who have died and supporting the bereaved. Read More

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