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Approval in Colorado

Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies CE Information

  • APA
  • ASWB ACE 1020
  • NBCC 5951

40 CE credit hours required every 2 years — 40 may be earned with Addiction Counselor CE.

Applies To:

  • Colorado Social Workers
  • Colorado Counselors
  • Colorado Marriage & Family Therapists
  • Colorado Addiction Counselors

CE Learning Systems can be used to acquire CE hours or PDH for renewal of licensure.
One CE hour is equivalent to one PDH.

Renewal Info:

Licensees should accrue at least 40 PDH during each 2-year renewal cycle.

No more than 20 PDH may be accrued in a single PDA category during a 2-year renewal cycle.

A maximum of 5 hours may be carried from the last renewal cycle to the next cycle, if the hours were earned within 3 months of the renewal cycle and are in excess of the required 40 hours.

Example: A licensee accrues 48 hours within the 2-year renewal cycle—an excess of 8 hours. Five of the excess hours were accrued during the last 3 months of the cycle. The other 3 were accrued earlier in the cycle. The 5 hours earned in the last 3 months can be carried into the next renewal cycle.

Documentation (e.g. certificates) of the 40 PDH should not be sent to DORA unless specifically requested to do so. If a license has been lapsed or a licensee is selected for an audit, verification documentation is required.

Certain license and certificate types are not to participate in the CPD program. These types are:

  • Certified Addiction Counselors Level I (levels II and III do participate)
  • Psychologists
  • Unlicensed Psychotherapists

PDA Categories that can be used for credit:
(1) Coursework
PDH may be accrued for credit for the coursework category through continuing education. A total of 20 PDH may be accrued in the Coursework category. Our online/web courses fall under this category.

(2) Independent Learning
PDH may be accrued for credit for the Independent Learning category through: Reading Journals and professionally relevant literature. A total of 20 PDH may be accrued in Independent Learning activities during each 2-year renewal cycle. Our book courses fall under this category. DORA has refused to accept courses for those who send certificates in for independent learning activities.

Board Contact Info

DORA (Department of Regulatory Agencies)
1560 Broadway, Suite 110
Denver, CO 80202
Tel: 303-894-7855
Toll Free: 1-800-886-7675
Live chat:
Available Monday – Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. MST

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