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Approval in West Virginia

West Virginia Certification Board for Addiction and Prevention Professionals

  • Provider
    • NAADAC 192243
  • Next Renewal: Aug 30, 2022
  • 40 CE credit hours required every 2 years — All 40 may be earned with Addiction Counselor CE.

Applies To:

  • West Virginia Addiction Counselors
  • West Virginia Prevention Specialists distant learning course credits are accepted by WVCBAPP due to our status as a NAADAC-approved CE provider.

For recertification, 6 of 40 hours must be “addiction-specific”.

For initial certification 100% of hours may be distant learning.
CACs-70/270 hours must be chemical dependency-specific and 6/270 must be ethics.
CCSs-30 hours must be in clinical supervision.
CPSIs-Our courses are generally not applicable.

Addiction Counselor CE is a service of CE Learning Systems LLC. CE Learning Systems is approved to offer continuing educations courses by NAADAC, and many ICRC certification boards. CE Learning Systems LLC maintains responsibility for the courses.

Board Contact Info

West Virginia Certification Board for Addiction and Prevention Professionals
436 12th St Suite C
Dunbar, WV 25064
Phone: 304.768.2942
Fax: 681.205.8503
[email protected]

View All Courses WVCBAPP accepts individual courses only. Currently 460 of our courses are available for addiction counselors and prevention specialists licensed by WVCBAPP. These are just a few examples!

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