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Approval in Michigan

Michigan Board of Marriage & Family Therapy does not require continuing professional education. However you are certainly welcome to use Addiction Counselor CE, safe in the knowledge that you'll be taking approved courses relevant to your practice!

Applies To:

  • Michigan Marriage & Family Therapists

No CE credits are required for renewal of your profession’s license.

A new rule was added to the Public Health Code – General Rules. The rule defines implicit bias as “an attitude or internalized stereotype that affects an individual’s
perception, action, or decision making in an unconscious manner and often contributes to unequal treatment of people based on race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, socioeconomic status, age, disability, or other characteristic. Rule 338.7001©.

Training on Implicit Bias is required as a condition for initial licensure or registration as well as license or registration renewal. This training is in addition to any continuing education training required for your profession. Unlike the human trafficking training requirement, this is not a “one time” training. Implicit Bias training is required every time you renew your license.

Board Contact Info

Board of Marriage & Family Therapy
Phone: 517-335-0918,4601,7-154-35299_63294_27529_27538—-,00.html

  • Human Trafficking

    Beginning in 2019, and all renewals thereafter, licensees seeking renewal must have completed training in identifying victims of human trafficking that meets the standards in Administrative Rule 338.7202 prior to renewing their license. The training must only be completed one time.

    • We do not currently offer courses to fulfill this requirement.

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We do our best keep our information current, but rules and regulations sometimes change without notice. Please remember it is ultimately your own responsibility for interpreting your state's laws, board rules, course relevancy and all requirements for your state.

If you are aware of a change in your requirements that is not shown here, please let us know!

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