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Michael Smith, PhD, LICSW, PIP

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Apr 28th, 2022

National Child Abuse Prevention Month

Two plus years of reduced activity and social isolation caused by COVID-19 has led many child welfare professionals to worry about an increase in child abuse. Concerns center on higher stress levels for families due to loss of employment, virtual lea... Read More
Mar 3rd, 2022

Making the Most of Professional Supervision

Just thinking about supervision requirements for social workers and counselors can create anxiety for both the supervisee and the supervisor. The stakes are high considering the need for developing professionals to hone their skills and understan... Read More
Dec 27th, 2021

Strategic Thinking for Practice Success

As 2022 comes into focus, it’s a good time to create a strategic plan for your practice. Strategic planning is not just an exercise for large corporate entities. Private practitioners in the human services can also benefit from a focused appr... Read More
Nov 23rd, 2021

Can the Family First Act Fix the Foster Care System?

In early 2018, a significant piece of legislation titled the Family First Prevention Services Act (FFPSA) was signed into law at the federal level. Implementing FFPSA has been slow but has created a tremendous debate in the child welfare comm... Read More

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