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Approval in Washington

Washington State Department of Health (AODA Counselors)

  • Provider Info:

  • Cycle: Renewal every 2 years
  • Total Requirement: 40 credit hours required

Applies To:

  • Washington Addiction Counselors

14 hours must be in one or more topics (a-w) See details at:

4 must be in professional ethics or law. Ten (10) may be in areas relating to various phases of one’s professional career.

28 of the 40 hours must be continuing education. The additional 12 may be continuing education or “professional development activities”.

6 credit hours must be in suicide assessment, treatment, and management

(1)(A) Each of the following professionals certified or licensed under Title 18 RCW shall, at least once every six years, complete training in suicide assessment, treatment, and management that is approved, in rule, by the relevant disciplining authority.

c) The training required by this subsection must be at least six hours in length, unless a disciplinary authority has determined, under subsection (8)(b) of this section, that training that includes only screening and referral elements is appropriate for the profession in question, in which case the training must be at least three hours in length.

Initial Certification
Our courses not allowed for initial certification hours

Addiction Counselor CE is a service of CE Learning Systems LLC. CE Learning Systems is approved to offer continuing educations courses by NAADAC (#410) and many ICRC certification boards. CE Learning Systems LLC maintains responsibility for the courses.

Our companion site,, is specifically focused on the CE needs of addiction counselors and offers a greater quantity and variety of substance abuse-specific courses.

Board Contact Info

Washington State Department of Health (AODA Counselors)
111 Israel Rd. S.E.
Tumwater, WA 98501
Fax number: 360-236-4818
[email protected]

  • Requirement: CDP renewal-Ethics and Law requirement, 4 credit hours

    13 courses available. View Courses

  • Requirement: CDP renewal-14 hours in topic areas, 14 credit hours

    At least 14 hours must be done in one or more of the following topic areas. For each topic area AddictionCounselorCE has courses that address the area. These can be found here: You may browse our Course Categories or do a keyword search.

    • Understanding addiction;
    • Pharmacological actions of alcohol and other drugs;
    • Substance abuse and addiction treatment methods;
    • Understanding addiction placement, continuing care, and discharge criteria, including American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) criteria;
    • Cultural diversity including people with disabilities and its implication for treatment;
    • Chemical dependency clinical evaluation (screening and referral to include comorbidity);
    HIV/AIDS brief risk intervention for the chemically dependent;
    • Chemical dependency treatment planning;
    • Referral and use of community resources;
    • Service coordination (implementing the treatment plan, consulting, continuing assessment and treatment planning);
    • Individual counseling;
    • Group counseling;
    • Chemical dependency counseling for families, couples and significant others;
    • Developmental psychology;
    • Psychopathology/abnormal psychology;
    • Documentation, to include, screening, intake, assessment, treatment plan, clinical reports, clinical progress notes, discharge summaries, and other client related data;
    • Chemical dependency confidentiality;
    • Professional and ethical responsibilities;
    • Relapse prevention;
    • Adolescent chemical dependency assessment and treatment;
    • Chemical dependency case management; and
    • Chemical dependency rules and regulations.

View More Courses Currently 409 of our courses are available for addiction counselors licensed by WDOH. These are just a few examples!

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Live Webinars with Prominent Experts

CE Learning Systems also offers live webinars for addiction counselors in our new Make An Impact webinar series. Offered through our sister site,, this series features some of the most well-known speakers in behavioral health today. Recent sessions include:

  • Clinical Practice in the Age of Technology – Pamela Harmell, PhD
  • Star Wars, Star Trek, and Harry Potter, Oh My! Helping Clients Heal Through Stories – Janina Scarlet, PhD
  • Helping Clients Maintain Mental Health and Addictions Recovery Through the Storm: Catastrophes and Pandemics – Mark Sanders, LCSW, CADC
  • COVID-19 Anxiety and Fear: Meeting the Challenges of a Growing Mental Health Pandemic Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) – John P. Forsyth, PhD
  • ...and many more to come!
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We do our best keep our information current, but state laws sometimes change without notice. Please remember it is your responsibility for interpreting your state's laws, licensure requirements, course relevancy and all requirements for your state.

If you are aware of a change in your requirements that is not shown here, please let us know!

WDOH uses the term credit hours to refer to continuing education credit hours. Our system normally refers to CE credit hours. On Addiction Counselor CE these terms may be considered synonymous.

Contact Info

Washington State Department of Health (AODA Counselors)
111 Israel Rd. S.E.
Tumwater, WA 98501
Fax number: 360-236-4818
[email protected]

Applicability and Disclaimer

This CE approval information applies to these professionals in Washington:

  • Addiction Counselors

Please Note:

Carefully read your state licensure renewal requirements as some jurisdictions have specific topic requirements or limits on the number of accepted Online/Home Study credits.

State laws often change, so please remember it is your responsibility for interpreting your state's laws, licensure requirements, course relevancy and all requirements for your state.